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The founder of Retail Solutions and Supply, Doug is an experienced leader in the retail sourcing sector. He has worked for a number of international retailers including:

The Reject Shop


Woolworths (UK)



Doug worked for the Xerox Corporation as a Global Purchasing Commodity Manager before moving into consulting and eventually into retail. He has lived in Hong Kong for the last 14 years and has global customer experience servicing Europe, North America, South America and Australia.

He has a large sourcing network across multiple geographies, including China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and many more.

Doug is a graduate of Aston University in the UK, has an MBA in Strategy & Procurement Management from Birmingham University and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply.

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Chris Wall
Buying Director at Hunter Price International Ltd

I had the pleasure of working with Doug for 8 years and the level of experience Doug added to the Hong Kong Team was fantastic and the relationship building skills in a tough environment was second to none. Doug had a strong and loyal team in the Hong Kong office and his constant development of people made for a stable office. I was the Trading Controller for the GM team and the majority of sourcing was done through Doug's team. Doug helped shape and guide the team to deliver a quality product for what was a tight cost challenge and in a volatile market always kept the Far East suppliers updated with any changes we had to make on deliveries. Doug was a major part of the growth and changes within the GM part of the business and opened up new opportunities and suppliers whilst keeping a constant overview on quality and value. Doug has seen many changes in the team but always kept a level base for his team to thrive. His skillsets allowed him to keep the team and suppliers focused on delivering great product and at the same time he managed up into the board and equally well into the buyers and junior buyers. I would highly recommend Doug and still keep in touch with him and his knowledge of the Far East and supplier/factory relationships is second to none.

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